Cédrat, figs and walnuts, a perfect autumnal combination

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Do you sometimes improvise in cooking? bug and catch it back? Today is a very satisfying recipe because it did not start properly.. but at the end it was plainly delicious.. I had found a citron at Terroirs d’avenir. Very eager to explore new recipes with agrums I brought the big beast home and started to surf internet looking for a condiment recipe. But I kept bumping on recipes requiring 3 days long. If I was a Grandma  living in Corsica I may have tried (read with some time and a bigger kitchen..). The citron ended up in the fridge waiting for better days, that is the week end.  


In the meantime I had some figs from Sollies. And you know , the 5 fruits & vegetables per day rule..

I made a stew with some fresh thyme. If you have never tried, I really encourage you to try this unexpected combination, it really works well.  Vibrant thyme brings some zest to the quiet and lascive fig.. Except for the fact that being in the rush I used too much thyme. Plus trying to keep it healthy I had skipped the sugar.. Frankly not fantastic

Revelation…Memory of a pear-lemon-walnut marmelade…

So I added fine slices of citron, some spoons of brown sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, some fresh walnuts and let it simmer..

The result was fabulous.  Texture, aroms..The fine crackling seeds of the figs pair perfectly with the smooth walnut. Citron brings a hint of bitterness that compensates the honey side of the fig.. Cinnamon and thyme bring interesting flavours to it as well..

I ate it all.. No time to put this in a jar or look for a cottage cheese.. No other alternative than go back and purchase some more figs..
Citron, figs, walnuts, a perfect automnal combination. And of course if you don’t have citron , lemon will perfectly do.
What about you? did you also start stew and marmelades? what is your favorite blend?

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