I love carrots… #carrotcake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] It has become so difficult to find good apples, I mean tasty apples like the ones you pick in the garden rather than the ageless almost fake apples .. Carrots have become my new apples. Crunchy and tasty, they come in all colours with different flavours. My favorite ones all summer long were the pale yellow ones, lemony and zesty Then I got hooked on the bright yellow ones, so sweet and delicious, even better than candies… Recently I used the purple and orange ones for their aesthetic qualities. Last week I came back from the market with pink (!) ones, with a sweet and tender flesh! Beautiful bouquet

carrot6Today is a rainy day and I feel like having some comforting carrot cake  to escape to London or NYC in a mouthful.. Here is the  vidéo  of Rose Bakery best-seller. As for me I twisted the recipe to lighten it (surprised?)

Carrot cake my way:

Boosted in vegetal  : grated carrot AND apple baked in oven,  glazed carrot flowers. To make sure you get a high dose of Vitamin C ..

Boosted in grains : poppy seeds and sesame to bring some subtle crunch

Boosted in agrums : Carrot and agrums work very well together. Here crystallized citron and yuzu will do the work

Boosted in spices  Cinnamon will give a quick to  apples and carrots. Vanilla and tonka melt in the icing…



Carrot Cake (for 8 muffins)

– cake: grated 1 big apple (Canada work well) and 1 carrot ,  2 eggs, 3 ss oil, 3 ss flour, 1 ts of baking powder, 3 ts of brown sugar, 1 pinch of cinnamon, poppy seeds and sesame, citron zest. The batter should only coat the apple and carrot

– icing:  3 ss of philadephia, tonka and vanilla, 1 ts of ice sugar

–  décor carrots in fine slices, butter with yuzu zest, 1 pinch of cinnamon, ice sugar

1) Mix all ingredients of the cake. Bake for 25′ at 4-5 . Let it cool on a grill

2) Prepare the icing.

3) Carrots flowers: Melt the butter, cook the carrots with some water. Don’t forget to season, cover with a lid.

4) On each cake put some icing, form the flowers with the carrots. Tada!

For carrots fans, go and smell I love les carottes by Honoré des Prés (organic fragrance). A surprising fragrance conceived by Olivia Giacobetti who demonstrates that iris and carrot have a lot of similarities.. All facetts of carrot are in there, from the top notes evoking a fresh juice to the earthy side of it, through iris and patchouli.. Surprisingly figurative at first but quite nice. Although I would keep this fragrance for the sunny days. What about you, would you wear a fragrance reminiscent of carrots?