How to keep a nice skin? skip the crow’s and chicken feet.. #collagen #vegan #raw #superfood

[NUTRIgastronomie©] Today’s topic : how to get a good skin, avoid crow’s and chicken feet! To keep a ferm and elastic skin, prevent wrinkles you may already know that collagen is key. But is this possible with a mainly vegetarian diet, not mentioning vegan? in TCM it is recommended to eat cartilages and tendons.. Chicken feet come first on the list. For all those who are motivated and want to expand their culinary fronteers, here is an appropriate recipe from  Live2eateat2live  recipe here 

For all others (including me..) chicken feet make me nervous and hilarious.. Plus finding a pound of ORGANIC chicken feet by your butcher won’t be that easy! And I bet that not so many people will be willing to come and have dinner with you anymore, he he

So my programme to promote collagen synthesis consists in having enough vitamins C, A, E, B5, copper, de zinc, de silicium, genistein, anthocyans, catechins and sulfur …all this mainly from RAW et VEGAN source (but not only..). Please note that there is no real point in having collagen on skin, the most efficient will be to absorb it

Today toasted levain bread , home-made pesto with spiruline, aromatic herbs and natural yeast, green radish 

Pain levain, tartinade de spiruline aux herbes et levure de bière, radis vert

Spirulin  is a natural alguae that grows in fresh water. It is critical for cells construction , reinforces immunity and boosts energy. It is a highly nutritious ingredient. Rich in proteins (almost 70%) , vitamins  A, B (esp. B12), E,  folic acid and biotin, minerals and oligo-elements (iron, 45 times more than in spinach) . It is a real superfood. Very easy to assimilate, it can be consumed as is or cooked. It comes in natural powder or as a condiment, also in pills. I chose the powder version so that I can custom the oil and additives I use.  

You will need 10 weeks for skin to renew itself totally. If you start today eating daily good food  for skin, you will see all benefits by end of January. But I can tell you that after 10 days  with the right combinations you will see a more radiant and plump skin already 🙂

Good skin recipes:  Are you interested in technics and recipes to use and accomodate spirulin, yeast, sprouted beans, raw cacao… smoothies, soups, pesto…? Let me know what you think!

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