White Spirit, a risotto that wishes you well

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Here comes a white one, straight from the bowl , full ogf good intentions.. He is going to help reinforce your immunity for the winter. As for other things.. Send a prayer!

White : cauliflower, celeriac, garlic and arborio rice …


Spirit : Can you see it floating over the bowl ? have a closer look

ris4White spirit risotto 20′- For 2

– 1/4 of small cauliflower, 1/4 of small celeriac, 1 cup of arborio rice, 1 garlic clove, olive oil, some provolone (like mozarella but with smoked flavor)

– 1 ss of white miso paste, salt, pepper, cilantro (or other fresh herb)

– Optional: grated mimolette , rucola, gomasio

Ok I know I should provide details by weight.. Let’s say you go for 60g of each veggie and rice..

1. Cut in small cubes all veggies, ideally almost as small as  the size of rice grain  (or use the mixer)

2. Golden the garlic, add the vegetables and rice. Let simmer with the broth (miso diluted in hot water), add liquid little by little, then the cheese.

3. Finish with herbs, pepper, rucola and olive oil

Serve piping hot. Spirit are you here? I can see you… Come closer..White Spirit..Let’s enjoy the week end with high spirit!

PS : Miso is very good to reinforce your immunity but you should take care NOT boiling it

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