Bánh bột lọc, a royal delicacy

[LOVE TIP 45′] It’s been a while I haven’t cooked Vietnamese. I amend, I play around for I lack time and room. Of course I have been doings tons of trials lately for events.. around pho, pancale, goi salad..

So I decided to take some time to cook bánh bột lọc.

It is a dumpling steamed in banana leaves, from Hue the former royal capital.  A delicacy served at the finest tables. It is a piece of work , but what a treat!

Here comes the recipe step by ste . Plan some time ahead! But it’s totally worth it

Tada! avec la sauce nuoc mam préparée et les do chua (pickles)
To serve with nuoc mam and pickles

Banana leaves : Blanch them and cut them in pieces of  5×10 cm. Also cut some fine slices to close the dumplings.

Dough : 2 cup of tapioca flour, 1,5 cup of water, 1 ts of salt, 2 ts of oil. Pour the flour in water and cook smoothly, keep stirring. Stop the very moment dough becomes consistant

Stuffing : 1shallot, 200g of deveined shrimps, 100g of minced pork that I replaced here by mushrooms.  I also added cilantro. Season generously with nuoc mam and black pepper.

1.Dry and oil the banana leaves. Put a spoon of dough, spread it. It is very sticky, don’t worry. Then put some stuffing on a line. Wrap up the banana leaves (like a gift) and secure the closing with a strap of banana.

2. Proceed likewise until dough and stuffing run out. You should be able to do a dozen of raviolis. Steam them for 20-25′.

3. Serve with  nuoc mam sauce  (diluted with sugar, lime garlic, water and chili) and pickles. Enjoy !

I really encourage you to use banana leaves. They are sold in bunches in exotic stores and you can keep them in the fridge for a while. The aroma they provide is very unique and will transport you right away in Asia