Who wants some sun? Pineapple and island flowers…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I brought you some flowers… pineapple flowers. They look stunning, are delicious and easy to make.. although you will need to be patient


Start peeling the pineapple. There is a technique in Vietnam.

ananas1Here is how it comes out, all details on the fantastic blog Le Manger

Preheat your oven at 4, slice the pineapple thinly, and let it dehydrate in the oven for 30′ No need to add sugar (I tried..). But I also walked around so my batch was overcooked..When you retrieve them from oven, let the slices cool in muffin cakes to form a nice shape.

Eat them as is. Pure bliss. You can also use these flowers to ornate a fruit salad or rice pudding. Are you ready to try? And since this is very healthy raw dessert, you could easily splurge and use some chocolate sauce with it. What do you think?