Do you like it hot? #kimchi

[LOVE TIP] Garlic, onions, chili, ginger, nuoc mam. Fatal weapon. To all those who claim ‘I like it hot, furiously piping hot..” To all those who smile and scorn at sprouts and herbs .. But also to all those who are freezing cold, here comes my secret to warm them up and set everything on fire..


2 very efficient recipes…

Kimchi in 30′. Korean cooking (along with thai) are the hottest ones. I have seen people turn bright red, eyes cry, mouths call for help..Should you want to spice things up, go ahead with this cocktail to drip on some cabbage (that you will have salted beforehand to facilitate the marinade). Let it in the air for 2 days (but in 30′ already you can start eating the thinnest leaves). You will be able to keep this version of kimchi for 10 days. In Korea a daily meal could be made of “only” kimchis in various forms , white rice, clear soup and sea weed. They are natural probiotics and no wonder Korean often have such wondeful looking skin..

For 250g of kimchi 

– 250 g of cabbage, 1 cup of water and  2,5 ts salt, 3 red chilis , 1 ts of sugar; 1 piece of ginger, 3 garlic cloves, 1 shallot, 1 ts of fish sauce

Cut the cabbage leaves in 2 by the middle, then each in 2 or 3 according to their sizes. Heat water with salt, wait 5′ so that it cools down. Pour on the cabbage slices and let it simmer for 10′. Rinse thoroughly. Prepare the marinade  with all other ingredients. Mix alltogether and let it in the open for 2 days. Beware your kitchen will be fragranced, but this is a dish to be deserved. You can eat them as is or cook them with tofu or seafood in a wok.

On fire?!.. Water is no use Capsaïcin (the alcaloid responsible for the bite ) is not watersoluble. Have some milk, water, bread, rice instead… And if really your tolerance is low, retrieve the chili seeds before mixing them.

Piping hot, a soft version. Leek roots pickles 


I bet you have never eaten leek roots. Give it a try!If you like chives, you will like these roots, to be macerated in fragranced and hot vinegar (1 cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of water, 10 chili, some shiso leaves (optional), 1ts of fish sauce, 1 ts of sugar). The texture of leeks is really nice. You have to be careful and make sure to wash them properly so all sand is retrieved. With some lemongrass spare ribs, they are delicious and will replace garlic cloves perfectly. For those who may have a doubt, no vampire around.

Sunday meal….

What about you? What is your quickest trick to warm up?