Gourmet gifts #cookies #madeleine #condiment

[LOVE TIP] This year I decided to prepare some gourmet gifts for friends. Savoury and sweet, est and west .. Everybody should be happy.. This is a special moment to express joy and gratitude to all those who count in my life. Newcomers or forever friends, I send you a huge sniffkiss!

After a big shopping in the professional shops inMontorgueil (Bovida, GDetou, Mora…), I came back with bottles (for sauces and condiments ) small jars and boxes, cupcakes molds , natural wax.. I also bought some stickers and multicolour pens in Hema and here we go!

Mon appart transformé en atelier de prod...

Savoury side…

panier2Lime Condiment . Lime leaves are infused and filtered in vegetal oil (olive oil and grape seeds oil) along with lime juice, soy sauce, brown sugar and some secrets.. To be used on a fish, poultry or pasta.. Sparingly because lime leave are quite powerful. That’s the very reason why I looked for these special bottles. If you want to use it on a salad, add some lime juice

Spiced cashew nuts Chili, garlic, lemongrass, caramelized shallots, salt.. Perfect on some salad or carpaccio. Please don’t swallow them by handfuls.. No kidding, any idea how long this takes to prepare? I know they’re good.. but still.. And I know who I am thinking of with this warning…  🙂

On the sweet side…

Matcha pistachio and orange blossom madeleines  They have a lovely tender green color. I am really fond ot hte matcha-rapsberries combination. In the meantime I mixed the idea with a  mouhallabieh (Lebanese sweet with orange blossom water and pistacchio) ..

Cookies lemon cinnamon and galanga These flavours come straight from Scandinavia except that I replaced ginger with galanga. It reminds of pine and is very common in Thai cooking as well as Norther Vietnamese one.

Would you rather fall for cookies or for Madeleines?

Madeleines matcha pistachio orange blossom Recipe for 50 mini madeleines.

15′ of preparation + 30′ on the side+7′ baking per batch ( I prepared 5, but if you have more molds it will be quicker)

3 eggs, 150 g sugar , 200g of flour, 1  ts orange blossom water,  3 ss of matcha to be diluted in 2 ts of water diluées dans 2 càs d’eau, 3 ss of pistachio powder, 10 g of  yeast, 100 g of melted butter, 100 cl of milk.

Mix the eggs, sugar, flour, orange blossom water, matcha,  yeast, melted butter and milk. Set aside in the fridge for 30′

Preheat the oven at  8. Pour the batter in the mold (I use silicone for a smoother consistency. should you prefer something more crunchy on the outside go for a metallic traditionnal mold). Bake for 4′ at 8, then reduce temperature at 6-7 for 3′ additional minutes.

Ready to be offered!