Falafel, 5 reasons to fall for them! Story of seeds and cabbage…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] “Are we going to spend all winter eating cabbage and carrots? ” so was sighing a friend of mine. Actually some seeds and cabbage can do wonders ! falafel1 

Do you like falafels? because here are 5 reasons to fall for them … 

1) Veggie , even vegan if you retrieve feta . Acid-alcaline balance, check

2) ROI (return on investment)  35′ of nice work and everybody loves you. Isn’t this pretty much profitable?

3) Baked, not fried : much lighter and easier. And during these celebration times, it is a nice option to cut a bit on fat intake…

4) Finger food is always enjoyable

5) Tasty! and healthy. Everything is in order, smile !:)

I recently discovered Green Kitchen Stories,  a wonderful blog that I warmly recommend. It inspired me a falafel where the  traditional pita is replaced with fresh raw cabbage leave. Besides while tomato is out of season, it is now really easy to get hold of bright red juicy pomegranate… So I decided to replace the one by the other

Falafel..A East-West twisted version. Pomegranate, sprouted seeds, pistachio , chickpeas : all these seeds are rolled into cabbage. Mint and cilantro bring extra flavour, while creamy sesame paste and fresh lime juice take you away..

For 6 falafels to bake. Preparation 15’+ Baking 20′

Falafel: 1 can of chickpeas (300g), 150g of pistachio powder, 2 ss of flour, 1 pinch of cumin 1 garlic clove, 4 ss of olive oil, cilantro and mint, salt

To garnish : 6 cabbage leaves (Go for young tender cabbage so that their leaves will be easier to roll), pomegranate, sprouted seeds, cucumber, feta (optional)

Sauce : Sesame paste (or tahini) in organic store or exotic store, a lime, chili pepper, a pinch of salt, 1 ts of brown sugar

1. Mix all the ingredients for the falafel until you obtain quite a thick paste. Shape balls in your palms. Bake at average temperature (6-7). You can turn them to ensure a crunchy crust.

2 Mix all sauce ingredients. If you don’t have sesame paste you can also combine a yoghourt with sesame seeds.

3 In each cabbage leave, set a falafel, pomegranate, cucumber, feta, sprouted seeds. Enjoy!falafel9.jpg

I just baked a second version, more Asian oriented with mungo beans, red curry, lemongrass, coconut milk… For the purists who would frown, I have done some research: falafel derives from arab falāfil (فلافل), in the plural filfil (فلفل ) stands for pepper… But should you investigate further it traces back to aramaic (the language spoken by Jesus Christ) where pilpāl (become filfal when declined) used to refer to round balls… like seeds rolling in a cabbage…

Have you cooked falafels at home before? Tell me if this version appeals to you! Enjoy