Smell and taste, the top 10 wish list!

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good girl and hope as such that you will bring me tons of gifts. I know you can read our minds, still it would be a pity that you get confused, just on my case..


Dear Santa Claus this year I’d like a massive bank account and a very lean body. Try not to get confused. Like last year.

So as a reminder here comes the Top 10  wish list of Sniffkiss …. Smell and taste!

sevva11. Sevva : Butterflies and all things sweet Or how a fashion tycoon turns into a sweetie queen, creating massive lines in Hong Kong and Shanghai… from marie Antoinette to Louis XIII, her cakes and pastries come in delicate hues, mix macaroons and cotton candies.. Girlie but not barbie ..

diptyque22. Diptyque, Xmas gift set : Feu de Bois, Pomander, Oliban. this year Xmas tree was replaced by Oliban. Whatever Diptyque comes as the Rolls Royce of the candle.. It is always a nice gift. A woodfire candle is a delicious present that will always ravish your senses.. Otherwise you can also turn Olivia Giacobetti  creations (she is the perfumer for the candles by Nespresso, Costes, Mariages Frères et Ladurée…)

sablier figue33. Diptyque, the hourglass. I still bless O. who courageously endured the Xmas traffic Boulevard St Germain last year to get hold of the first hourglass. I enjoyed his delicate attention all year long. This hourglass is a very original fragrance concept and will nicely ornate the room. You can modulate the fragrance intensity of course every time you turn it upside down. This year Dyptique has introduced 3 additional  fragrances. And guess what, there is FIG!!

earlgrey44. Mariage Frères Earl Grey Impérial. Forget Kusmi, Luv teas and all the others. Mariage Frères are a no mistake choice. I prefer the most classic ones.. Their new limited editions come with super packagings but tend to remind me of candies… So my pick is a good green traditional Japanese tea or the Imperial Earl Grey. Other than that, nothing. Please, nothing with ginger, thanks…

microplane55. Microplane grater Does it mean you’re getting old when you yearn for household appliances? Does a grater count as one? It is still a manual attire.. Perfect to cook like a pro and finish your plates graefully…

Noel Paderno Vegetable Spirooli 3-in1 66. Paderno Spirolii. the machine to prepare vegan spaghettis. (Still all manual apparel).. This machine will make you eat vegan with pleasure. Waiting for summer and zucchini’s season again!

Noel therese_ligne 77. Frédéric Malle. Le parfum de Thérèse. A love ode from Roudnitska to his wife. Cristalle by Chanel ancestor, a more original and carnal version (and God knows I ‘ve been a fan of Cristalle). I confess I did even layered it with  Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri during winter times. A magic hypnotic white almond-rose- tonka accord.

coi book 88. Coi Daniel Petterson @ Phaedon. Post bab 70’s, bobo conceptual californian cooking. Limpid construction. Was told that in real was sometimes more (too) complicated .; But I loved the first pages which were part of Cook Book exhibition (until 10th of january @ Palais des Beaux arts)

magnus book99 Marcus Nillson. Phaedon. Nordic cooking by a genius geant. Rumous says he was expelled from Arpege after a week because his French impeded him from following instructions.. He went back up North. Wise ideas and tremendous inspirations…

atala 1010 Alex Atala. DOM.Phaedon. Bresil treasures. What Else? Discover a continent, its ingredients, indigenous traditions… jungle picking, wandering along the rivers, a singular life and vision. Indiana Jones in your kitchen…

What about you? What would you add on the wish list? enjoy the celebration times!