Detox AND Retox! Broth and epiphany cake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Celebrations are gone! hugs and kisses and ever-lasting meals…. Now is the time for good resolutions to start the new year full with energy and serenity.

This comes in 2 times: detox and retox…

PHASE 1: DETOX ! In the train back to Paris we decided to wait a while before getting on the scale… Obviously right now a vegetarian plate ready in 30′ can do no harm. Healthy and tasty: salad, roasted root vegetables, broth. Almost nothing to cook and super easy. On the one hand everything is put to boil, on the other carrots, parsnips and beetroots go straight in the oven ..

Salad beans, leek, emadame, feta, mint- lemon. For 2  

1 leek, 300 g of green beans, 100 g of emadame, feta. Sauce : 2 ss olive oil, 1 lemon, mint, salt, pepper

1 . Wash the vegetables and hull the beans. Cook all vegetables in boiling water  for 10′

2. Prepare the seasoning with olive oil , lemon juice, mint, salt and pepper.

3. Pour the sauce on the warm vegetables, toss and add the feta cubes. Enjoy!

Drink… water, herbal teas, hot lemon (alcaline effect). Slow down on coffee, tea, alcohol of course. Support your liver and have some artichoke, horseradish, cress. I share with you my magic potion to clean and recharge with nutrients. Goji berries are considered as longevity superfoods and have been consumed for ages for their anti-oxydant and warming properties.

Broth with cress, mushrooms, goji berries

Simmer for 20′ : 1 leek,  250 g of cress, a handful of mushrooms , 10 goji berries, black pepper and coriander. Add salt once everything is cooked.

Phase 2 RETOX! Du pain et des idées. Bring in the epiphany cake!

For those who don’t know Du pain et des idées yet, this  “fine” traditional bakery is located 34 rue Yves Toudic, in the 10th district, near by Canal St Martin (métro Bonsergent). It is easy to spot. Lovely with its pale blue and golden front. You have to try the traditional bread Pain Des Amis, baked on wooden fire. It has a flavourful crust and the inside is both airy and chewy.  This bakery has been selected by Alain Ducasse et Guy Savoy as their primary choice. You will also find numerous chocolatines, brioches and breads. Right now the pick has to be Epiphany bread of course. Run there and line up! what else can I say? 🙂

hebersondvdBonus YOGA DETOX : Detox is also about moving and breathing properly. This morning we had a dedicated session with the appropriate kriyas.  By the way I warmly recommend you the new dvd byHeberson It will take you gently in your practice. Whatever your level you will be happy by your quick benefits!

Enjoy your we!