Cashew cream, ginger honey and mango #raw #vegan

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever tasted cashew cream? Like a yogurt in the vegan world.. The very moment you’ll try it, you may well get hooked and want some more! Naturally healthy and loaded with nutrients it fits well within the detox plan, which is also perfect. I posted these pics on WeChat and a Chinese friend asked me in which spa I was. I took it as a compliment!

Recipe: For 2 . Very easy. Plan ahead still it needs a night to soak the cashews. Then it is only 10′ of preparation

– 2 handful of raw cashew nuts. Soaking them will help the assimilation and boost the life force (by kicking off the germination process)

-1 ss of honey ginger (or regular honey to which you will add a slice of grated ginger)

-1/2 fresh mango to slice

1- mix in a cup of water the raw cashew. You will obtain an onctuous purée , surprisingly and delicately sweet. It reminds me of fresh tofu so the addition of ginger came right away to my mind.

2- Sweeten with honey (a “good” sugar) and put the mango slices on top. If I hadn’t seen the quantities of cashews involved, I would easily have prepared twice the quantities. But keep in mind these can be pretty caloric…

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