Nibbles and small bites to die for : candied tomatoes- smoked paprika

[HAPPY VEGGIE] On Friday nights dinner generally comes in kit to assemble… Collapse into the couch, eat fingerfood.. If it sounds like a good plan, read further!

tomates confites paprika fumé coriandre
Candied tomatoes with smoked paprika and cilantro

This week I have prepared small bites to nibble right away, or to put together for a very delicious combinations of flavors :

– candied tomatoes in smoked paprika

– dip with black olive, fresh cheese and cilantro

– puff pastries with beaufort (or any hard tasty cheese) and flax seeds

Ready? you’ll need 35′

Ingredients (12 small bites)  

– 250 g of cherry tomatoes + olive oil, salt, sugar, smoked paprika, cilantro seeds (to be replaced by cumin if you prefer)/ 1 puff pastry, grated hard cheese, flax seeds/ fresh cheese (like philadelphia or carré frais), cilantro  

Marinade for tomatoes : olive oil, cilantro seeds, salt, smoked paprika and sugar. Assemble all ingredients, pour on tomatoes and gently bake at 5 for 25′

Dip with fresh cheese, black olive dip, cilantro, smoked paprika.

Puff Pastries : cut the paste in round shape. Sprinkle grated cheese and flax seeds. Bake for 10′ at 5.

Spread some dip on the puff pastry. Top with candied tomatoes. You’re ready for guests to come or if you prefer some me time your TV plate waits for you.. Enjoy your week-end !

Bouchées en kit

So; what’s your pick for the apero kit? will you have each item separately or have them all in one bite?

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