Absurdly addictive : Orange-raw cacao smoothie

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Want to escape the winter? One Sniffkiss a day keeps the doctor away …A pic, a tip, an inspirational thought, a kiss loaded with smell and taste.. Check daosniffkiss on  Instagram every day from now on. Today an absurdly addictive orange – raw cacao smoothie to energize  and lift up your mood

smoothie orange cacaoThis smoothie tastes like cake! Loaded with vitamins, anti-oxydants, fibers, it is also a good way to cut on coffee while remaining on the healthy side… 

Ingredients (for one huge serving)

1 dried plum , 1/2 orange (real one, not juice), 2 ts of raw cacao, a ts of cacao powder (optional but nothing will stop me when it comes to chocolate). If you’re like me, don’t hesitate to layer..

HAPPY VEGGIE EFFECT : cacao and orange are naturally rich in antioxydants and Vitamin C, that will contribute to boost your energy. While coffee may rise promptly your energy, in the long range it tends to impact the surrenal glands and insulin secretion – not mentioning sugar craves and wrinkles (yes coffee dehydrates). To make it short I would never give up on coffee. Still sometimes I choose to take it down and find alternatives (don’t forget that coffee also acidifies your body).

Raw cacao, the superfood to discover : since its torrefaction should not go over 42° it has preserved most of its antioxydants. In average it contains 7 times more antioxydants than regular chocolate…It is rich in magnesium (one of the richest source actually), iron, theobromine (alcaloid similar to caffeine), chromium (detox effect +  regulates glycemy) . Last it helps to develop satiety (but does not help you to lose weight..sob) . It is one of the most powerful natural food when it comes to energize and lift up your mood..

TO DO: Mix all ingrédients with a cup of water, it will take 3′. Ready. No need for additional sugar or cream. It is just perfect as is. Note that fibers slow down the sugar assimilation in the blood, hence monitoring insulin.

So, what about you? what’s your tips to stand the winter? Still 2 months to go guys!