Top 10 favorite smoothies. Because you’re worth it

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because smoothies are always welcome I listed my top 10 favorite ones. They come in all colours, for all tastes and craves. Pick one!

1.Rejuvenating smoothie If you wake up and feel 100 year old,  quickly grab this one!

2. Waterproof smoothie It’s raining again…Hold on , don’t compensate with sweets. This smoothie will help you forget the drops while cutting on sugar crave!

Smoothie alcalinisant
Alcalinizing Smoothie 

3. Alcalinizing Smoothie . Too much junk food? This smoothie will help your body balance : mix rapsberries, banana, mint and almonds (don’t forget to soak them overnight before). It will help better digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

4. Smoothie Vitamin C 1000. If eveyboday around you sneezes and is feverish..boost your immunity and energy with this one. You could also have a mix of curcuma, carrot, orange, honey. You’re now loaded with Vitamin C 

5.Smoothie 1000 Volts. Energizing one. Better than pure caffein, really

6. Smoothie 1001 Arabian Nights If you desperately want to sleep this one will send you directly into dreamland.

7. Green Kale Smoothie. For all Californian Wanna Be. A direct flight for San Francisco

8.Smoothie like a cake Orange and raw cacao. So yummie and mood lifting as well. Tons of anti oxydants. No reason not to splurge. Go and try it

Smoothie Rose Barbie
Pink Barbie Smoothie

9. Pink Smoothie. Because this recalls my Barbie Hello Kitty side..with 1) rapsberries, banana, almond milk 2)beetroot (less weird than it sounds), rapsberries, vanilla tea, raw cacao 

10.  Reload Smoothie. Woke up too fast? endless day? Reload. Sip this one and you’ll be able to go through . Pear, avocado, spinach, lime, honey ginger 

Smoothie reload
Reload Smoothie 

Did I forget one? What’s your must /favorite one? Enjoy your week-end!