The ultimate brunch #LaFemmeParfaiteEstUneConnasse

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Of course you know Bree from Desperate Housewifes. In France we have switzerland 107la “connasse” as named per the book ‘la femme parfaite est une connasse” . This could be translated as the perfect woman does not exist or she is.. a bitch..Should you want to have a good laugh, check it . It is now ranking N°1 of top selling books in stations, much better than a people magazine..

And this book made my day yesterday. Actually it kind of saved it. Because it started right away like a Friday 13 from 5.30 am . And went on so well that by noon I wish I could go back to bed . It’s the day when it took me 6h to reach my destination instead of 3h30, the day when irritations kept coming in, one after the other, in such a consistant and unbelievable way that the only response was to totally let go; and compete for “the ultimate connasse award”, whose life would be so perfect and in which bad luck, and being late, tense, tired would have no place.

How to be a perfect connasse in 3 steps...

Step 1 : When I open my eyes the view is perfect

switzerland 124

Step 2 : When I am having brunch, i am in bed, and this is just perfect

switzerland 130Step 3 : Have organic muesli with berries in 15′  and may I remind you that as I am competing for the prize , of course I do not raise my finger …   So here is the recipe

1) Go to Switzerland and shop in COOP. Very important

2) Mix 2 vanilla yoghourst with 2 huge strawberries (from Spain and out of season. This is a very challenging prize, so you have to reach for these only), 1 handful of blueberries , 2 soup spoons of seeds , 2 soup spoons of honey and of course 2 cups of organic granola

3) Enjoy!

Well done, you ‘re now a connasse. Welcome to the club and enjoy your we!