Anti-Cellulite Spring Roll #dermodietetic #diet

[NUTRIgastronomie] February! With spring in the loop, magazins are now all advertising the perfect diet.. and cellulite is a recurrent theme. Cellulite, we don’t want you, stay away! for this I am sharing with you my best recipe : an Anti-Cellulite Spring Roll that I especially conceived for Ella Baché. Because what we ingest matters as much as what we put on our skin…

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By the way, do you know this brand? It has a legendary history, very similar to the Estee Lauder one.. Once upon a time there was Ella, a young Hungarian pharmacist who fled the war… She hits Paris where she starts litteraly to cook skin care creams in her hotel room. Results are such that she promptly establishes herself with the most prestigious luxury and couture brands (among which Hermes…). The story goes on with the opening of a beauty salon, located Place Vendome. This beauty salon still exists and has been fully revamped this year. Check it, it is located 8 rue de la Paix.

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Once again trying to escape the war she immigrates to the US, to NYC where she meets her second husband. She invents cold wax epilation, formulates for Revlon, and introduces the first AHA (fruit acids) in  creams..

A real visionnaire and pioneer, Ella has created a brand in which these values still stand strong.  It has a sustainable and proactive approach of beauty, whereby the most active principles of food are carefully selected and integrated in creams.

I am totally in line with this INTEX (intern-extern) vision. I am so convinced that health and beauty derive from what you ingest. You are what you eat , don’t you agree?

Hence I was very happy to conceive  dermo-dietetic recipes to match the skin care lines and invite you to discover the tomato/acerola/cranberry juice to promote skin glow , the Green Gold Millesime Pesto (made of artichoke, basil, pistachio…) to retain youth and freshness.. I promise you will enjoy this 🙂 But for now, here is the Recipe of anticellulite spring roll

Splurge on it and don’t forget massage, cream and for the boldest ones, end your shower with cold water !

Fennel and grapefruit are chosen for their potassium rich content. Potassium stimulates cellular exchange,  decongests tissues, limits fat storage namely the orange peel effect.

Celery and cucumber have  diuretic properties that will boost drainage.

Soya sauce and green tea are rich in flavonoids. As such they contribute to reinforce tissues and  venous return.


Ingredients and step-by-step recipe . For 10 rolls. 30′ 

Rolls: 1 cucumber, 1 fennel, 1 grapefruit, 1 celery branch, 10 rice paper sheets

Sauce: 2 mint sprigs, olive oil, a pinch of matcha (or infuse some green tea), soya sauce, sugar, peanuts (optional) 

 1. Wash and slice the celery, cucumber and fennel into short sticks. Peel the grapefruit.

2. Dampen quickly the rice paper wrappers, one after the other, as you start rolling them. It takes 1-2′ for them to rehydrate and become supple enough to be rolled

3. Put the veggies , grapefruit and mint leaves horizontally on a rice paper. Wrap back the 2 sides, roll.

4. Combine olive oil, soya sauce, matcha , 1 ts of sugar, mint. Enjoy!

Recipes still in trial mode. I work.. I am doing pesto #ILoveMyJob 

So tell me what you think? What about other anti-cellulite tips that you do currently use?

PS: even if you do not have cellulite you can enjoy this roll 🙂 fresh and light, it has been fully approved by our male friends! Other than that I would like to know why is it that only women are plagued with cellulite… So unfair ..!