Discover Mắm kho quẹt, a hip and addictive Vietnamese dip #FusionDetox

detox3 mambis[SNIFF KISS]  Mắm kho quẹt! Do you know what it is? It is a traditional Vietnamese dip now totally hip. Like an Asian blue cheese : strong taste, strong smell, but sooo good. If you like caramelized pork you will be a total fan. Otherwise run away. And Mắm is like a cold in a couple. If your darling stays, smiles, and even dares kissing you.. it is a strong sign of very long-lasting potential (ok, if only..)

Anyway here is the recipe of a dip to die for, to serve with white rice, even better with sticky rice or grilled rice.. and of course tons of raw and cooked vegetables. A real detox, fusion way.

Take care, don’t overcook the vegetables, they should remain a bit crunchy

On the plate : purple carrots (loaded with anthocyanins, powerful anti oxydants. As red fruits are out of season these come as a good source), horseradish (detox), brocolis and green cabbage (prevent from cancer), cucumber, chicorys

Dip Ingredients : 100 g of fat pork, 15 dried shrimps to be rehydrated in warm water, pepper, 1 unseed red chili, 3 garlic cloves, 1 shallot, 5 ss of fish sauce, 1 ts of salt, 3 ss of sucar, a cup of water

In a pan heat the pork, golden shallots and garlic. Add the shrimps, fish sauce, salt, sugar and water. Let simmer for 20′ until the dip becomes sirupy. Don’t forget to open the windows.. Ready!

In old times fish or meat used to be simmered in caramel fish sauce and were served very salty, so that they could go along a lot of rice. This tells a lot about  poverty and tougher times… There is a scene in the somptuous movie The smell of green papaya.. If you have some time I really encourage you to watch this movie…