Spring calls for sunny fragrances

[My MADELEINE] As days get longer, I enjoy each additional ray of light..

I am longing for a fragrant white flower bouquet, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. Sensual flowers that evoke warmth, beach, voluptuous coco and tiaré…


I already set aside the incense, leathery and amber fragrances that I use fondly during the winter. I also took away the Wood Fire and Pomander candles… and replaced them with the first daddofils, vibrant and radiant yellow to bring some light in the house..

In February here is my winning tryptic of favorite fragrances,  the ones that help me go through the end of winter and get hold of the coming spring…

Bronze Goddess Estée Lauder, a rich and indolent fragrance blending white flowers and coconut flakes. Dazzling and slightly bling bling like the golden make-up you like to use in the heart of summer… 

Nuxe, le parfum prodigieux , sweet and mild, a dash of white petals : frangipani, gardenia and magnolia  on your skin ! coconut is also there and blurred. This fragrance is so recognizable… A caress on the skin that has become truely cult.. I love it so much I could drink it

Marc Jacobs Classic  white petals floating on water. Feminine, delicate, elegant and sophisticated..  If you love gardenia and tuberose, this one is a must…

What about you? have you already switched fragrance? Do you use any to stretch the light and sunray warmth?

Here is my bonus.. Sun in a glass :

suncocktailCarrot, papaya, orange and ginger 

Instead of ginger should you get hold of fresh curcuma don’t hesitate ! it has a delicious fig edge and it totally boosts your immunity..