Home-made granola, step-by-step recipe

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever done a home-made granola? it is actually very easy, plus very rewarding to flavor it exactly according to your taste..It is also very versatile and Iam already thrilled as it opens endless perspective of deliciousness… Today my granola recipe is made of  cinnamon-orange zest-ginger/goji berrie and cranberries/ pumpkin, sesame and flaxseeds, bananas and oats.


Step by step recipe  


1. Combine the oats and seeds (rich in omega 3) . I hereby used blond sesame seeds, but you could also use black ones (especially good to prevent white hair..)

2. Prepare the seasoning with the orange zest, grated ginger and cinnamon. It is a very good combination reminding me of the Xmas pomander.. I also tried a more fruity mix with mashed rapsberries. But keep in mind that baking granola will  withdraw some of the flavors. So do not hesitate to accentuate the flavors with some sparkling “biting “ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger but also cardamom, orange and lime zests… Balmy notes also work very well to fix the taste, exactly like a fragrance would do . Choose amongst vanilla, tonka, almond, carobe…

3. Prepare a syrup with neutral oil (here grape seeds) . You could as well use some butter, but I’d rather stay on the veggie side here.. Add honey and spices. Humect the oats with the syrup, a little bit like for a crumble. Beware not to mush the oats.. you don’t want a porridge! Bake at 4-5 for 20′-25′. You need to take care and taste really.. It should smell of cinnamon and be crunchy

4. I added slices of banana. As they took more time to dehydrate I had to leave them in the oven for 10′ extra minutes

5. Once the granola is golden and crunchy, add the dried fruits (here goji berries and cranberries which both have super antioxydants). Then serve it with some vegetal milk or yoghourt, fresh fruits, honey.. or use it as a super snack.. Enjoy!

Citron bergamote du Maroc, un délice dont je suis enchantée
Bergamot from Morocco.

PS:  I recently discovered this bergamot lime from Morocco (in organic stores). These were delicious. I grated the zest and used it in Vietnamese sour and sweet broth with lemongrass and shellfish (canh chua) , also used them on a thai salad (raw bean sprouts, cilantro, peanuts, chili and lemongrass..). But you can infuse it with honey and thyme; and of course use it in granola..

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