Wild garlic on scallop carpaccio, steamed helianthus with white miso

[SNIFFKISS] I discovered wild garlic when I was in Switerland. Its broad leaves look like those of Lili of the Valley (although more narrow. And beware not to confuse them if you try to pick them by yourself as Lili is toxic!). In any case they are a good premice of spring. Taste is very similar to chives although more tingling.


On the market stalls I also discovered occas from Peru. Their vivid colour is gorgeous, they capture the eye as surely as the  the first flamboyant strawberries..


There were also helianthus roots, very similar to Jerusalem artichokes and actually do smell and taste like artichokes. So here I am in my kitchen , very thrilled to explore new recipes!

Condiment wild bear- cold pressed walnut oil – bergamot zest 


Wild garlic is very well complemented by the bergamot zest, originating from Morocco that I found last wee. These fresh and aromatic notes are calmed down with the nutty round walnut oil. Usins coldly pressed oil here is preferable, because a roasted oil would be too powerful and crash the herbal and zesty facetts. This condiment’s flavour goes a long way and gives a very long-lasting flavour in mouth. It does wonders on all veggies and ceviche. You can substitute bergamot with lime, combawa leaves, or of course some good organic lemon.

Then I went on with 2 recipes:

1st recipe : Scallop and fennel carpaccio 

 For 2 : 1/2 fennel, 3 scallops, wild garlic condiment, sprouted beans, pink pepper, salt, bergamot (lime) juice.

1. thinly spice the scallops and fennel

2. generously spread lemon juice, put some condiment and sprouted beans

3. add salt, pink pepperpoivrer


PS : the small slices of steamed occas that you see on the pic bring a very mellow texture to the dish. You can also use some very onctuous potatoes (rattes du Touquet in France would be the best option)

2nd recipe: helianthus, wild garlic condiment and white miso  

ail des ours 254If you like artichokes , try these roots. When peeling them their smell is totally enticing, like artichoke but stronger. Their taste is also very sweet and good. I boiled them, used the same condiment to which I added a tea spoon of white miso. Now if you still crave a steack i’m afraid I won’t be able to do much.. and of course you can cook this recipe with artichokes .

Ready to enjoy spring food? Any idea to accomodate wild garlic?