Happy Birthday: iced red fruits cheesecake and cacao truffle meringue

[LOVE TIP] Double Birthday this week : the blog and mine. Sniffkiss turns one with spring and I celebrate my 20 forever :)! Double Bday, double cake!

I looked into some of my favorite sweets books : Nigella Lawson, Rose Bakery, Green Kitchen Stories…and have chosen a meringue chocolate feuilleté, that I will make even more decadent with some truffle… And add to it a frozen cheesecake with red fruits, where mascarpone will be replaced by ricotta and where lime, lemon and pistachio will have their word…



Cacao truffle meringue. A bit long to prepare but totally worth it…

Preparation : 1h , baking : 1h, 15′ : dressing. For 6-8 persons.

Meringues: 4 eggwhites , 50g of icing sugar, 2 ts of cocoa, 1 ts of truffle vinegar 

Chocolate custard: 4 eggs yolk, 20 cl of milk, 20 cl of cream, 1 ts of vanilla extract, 2 ts of cocoa, 40g of dark chocolate, 2 ss of flour  

1-Meringues: whisk the eggs white and delicately incorporate cocoa and vinegar. Draw 20cm diameter circles on wax paper  (use a dish to frame), revert the sheets (to avoid contact with food). Spread the cocoa meringue : you should be able to do 3 circles. Bake for one hour in pre-heated oven at 4. Let them cool in the oven. You can prepare the disks ahead of time and store them for a couple days.

2.Chocolate custard : whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, cocoa, vanilla and flour. Warm up the milk and cream, and pour them on the eggs mix. Keep mixing so that it does not cook. Pour back the cream in the  sauce pan and gently cook for 20-30′. When it has reached an almost firm consistency (like in eclairs), set aside, film right on the surface (to prevent the forming of a coating). Store in the fridge.

3. Assembling : The custard will humidify the meringues and make them soft and easy to cut. Plan to assemble them together from 2h to 30′ before serving it. Alternate meringue with custard layers. Finish with a sprinkle of pistachios, and enjoy the acclaim!:)

Iced Cheesecake with lime and red fruits

Onctuous but not too heavy, with ricotta and yoghourt. No bake, only icing ( plan some space in the freezer). It tastes a bit like an ice cream but you have a bonus with  a crunchy and lemony crust…

For 6-8 personnes, 40′ preparation, 2h of freezing

– 250g of ricotta, 1 creamy yoghourt , yaourt velouté, 1 soup spoon of “strong” honey (I used chesstnut) , 2 ts of agave syrup (better option than regular sugar), 500g of red fruits, 1 ts of vanilla extract, lime zest . 

– 1 box of lemon biscuits (GB brands are awesome), 1 handful of pistacchios (that you could easily susbtitute with  almonds or other seeds), 40g of butter . 

1. Mix the biscuits with the pistachios. Add the melted butter. Form a thin and regular crust. Note that if you have time and plan ahead it would be better to soak the pistachios. It will make them easier to digest.

2. Combine (and mix) the ricotta, yoghourt, 2/3 of the red fruits, honey, agave and vanilla. Add the lime zests. Taste and adjust the sugar level if required.  Add the remaining fruits (in full, don’t scratch them), saving some for decoration.

3. Pour the red fruits cream on the crust, film it and put in the freezer. Remove it 1h30 before serving.

Enjoy !