Octopus fusion salad #ModernVietnamese

[NUTRIgastronomie] With spring now coming back, lunches are more often made of “meal salads”. I will share with you today a modern fusion octopus salad, which can be prepared ahead of time and easily assembled in 5′ right before lunch. How luscious is that?



For 2 : 1 small octopus, 2 laurel leaves, lemongrass, 1 lime, soy sauce, olive oil, sugar, 1 cucumber, salad, cilantro, 1 handful of grilled peanuts

– Octopus roll : Ash your favorite fishmonger to prepare it. Gently cook it in a broth for 1h30 with laurel, lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger and salt, cilantro seeds and pepper.

– When octopus is tender, wrap in cellophane (double sheet) and roll it. Let it cool and store in fridge so that shape remains well defined See octopus roll picture here

– Salad and herbs : wash the salad, herbs (here cilantro) and slice the cucumber. Set aside

– Lime sauce : olive oil, soy sauce, freshly pressed garlic (1/2 clove), lime, 1 ts brown sugar. If you have time you can also infuse lime leaves. It gives a neat quick. This sauce can be stored for 10 days at least in the fridge.

– Grilled peanuts : I always store some roasted and home-flavored peanuts (with lemongrass and chili). But if you want to seize any regular brand, it will just be also perfect. Crush them a little bit for more flavor (in a plastic bag, use a spatula)

Everything can be prepared ahead of time. At lunch time it takes 5′ to assemble everything


PS: Juice : mix 1 mandarine, 1 carrot, 1 dice of curcuma, 1 ts of honey and 1 ts of almond cream along with 25 cl of water. I mix everything so that fibers remain. Almond cream is optional but the inner fat enables to boost curcuma nutrients absorption.