Yuzu soba, radish, sesame and emadame #light #fusion #glutenfree

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  Pasta are not necessarily fattening.. Do you know soba, these buckwheat noddles commonly used in Japanese cooking? I discovered last week a yuzu version and could not resist. I already tried before some matcha version, but they were a bit deceiptive. But these ones, if you are a yuzu fan , are totally worth it. (FYI soba are gluten free)


It took me hardly 20′ to put together some finely sliced radish, boil some emadame and bok choi. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and flavor with a kombu sauce (already made).

In case you don’t have all these exotic ingredients at reach you can easily substitute emadame with peas or better feva beans; instead of bok choi go for brocoli or cress. I stop here the replacement list or you may well end up with a carbonara plate!

For the sauce you may also combine soy sauce with mirin (ok sugar+white wine..), and sesame paste (tahini is sold in organic stores or else you can find some versions in exotic stores as well)

I almost forgot, CILANTRO! no kidding.. it will change everything

Next time I will try with some fish eggs or clams and grilled nori..

Enjoy your week end, and for those who celebrate it, happy Eastern. Don’t forget the chocolate!:)