Vietnamese salad : A drink to go

[Happy Veggie] Do you know Ajo Bianco? it is the cold Spanish soup made of grapes and fresh almonds..Less popular than gaspacho although delicious, I had promised myself to cook some one day. I had seen a gastronomic version from El Bulli, which made a big impression on me and also tasted some VG healthy version with GKS some weeks ago in Lisbon… So once back home I twisted it -Vietnamese way- with lots of greens and aromatic herbs,. It’s like a salad, a drinkable salad.. Tempted?

Cooking Est -West I often substitute exotic ingredients with more local and seasonal ones. Hence I replace bean sprouts with chicory (here), mango with yellow peach (here), green mango with granny smith…and from now on,  litchi with deseeded and peeled grape. This is a revelation, its delicate pale flesh reminds me of litchi by its texture of course. Then the aromas tend also to be tested diffrently when you take away the skin. Of course peeling grapes can be time consuming, but once you’ll into it, you’ll realize how addictive this may be. You totally focus and forget everything else (experience the flow of Mihaly..!:)), which can be totally relaxing.

Drinkable salad (for 2) 1/2 concomber, 100g of grape, 1/2 green pepper, 1 avocaco, cilantro, a handful of radishes , fish sauce ( nuoc mam), lime and pepper

1. peel and deseed the grapes

2. wash and slice cucumbers in chunks, rinse and deseed the green pepper, peel the avocado

3 rinse and slice thinly radishes

4. Blend  all ingredients but radishes . Season with nuoc mam (1 ts), lime juice and pepper. Garnish with radishes and cilantro. Enjoy!

I encourage you to taste this with “banh phong tom”,  the prawn crackers, delish! Enjoy your week end…