Aromatic gems

[LOVE TIP/My MADELEINE] As it is rainy today I stayed home and combined some spices.. It is a very girlie hobby, like playing with precious aromatic gems…

chant d'arômes

chant d’arômes

This blend combines

 Himalaya salt: so pretty coming from pale pink to almost red hue. The colour originated from iron oxydation. This salt is rich in nutrients and considered as one of the purest one. It contains from 30 to 80 minerals. Collected in mines born from indo-australian montains chains 250 million years ago it is  an unrefined fossile salt. It has been highly valued and known for its health properties (detox, protects arteries..) for a long time. If you have never watched Himalaya , chilhood of a chef, it is worth it. This fantastic movie traces back to traditional salt caravans that used to transport once a year from Himalaya to Indian markets.. Here is the trailer.

– pepper from Vietnam : If you go to Vietnam you may have a chance to discover how fragrant and different this pepper is. There it is traditionnally mixed with some salt and lime, to be served with grilled shrimps or crab. It is an amazing taste booster and you really forget mayonnaise ever after, once you have enjoyed this combination!  I always stock some at home. It is strong and powerful while conveying hints of floral fragrance. Vietnam is becoming a major exporter of pepper and chances are, it will be easier to get hold of it without having to go to exotic countries or stores!

– cilantro seeds and pink pepper : to be added sparingly. These will bring very recognizable flavors to the mix. Have you ever tried cilantro seeds? They differ from the fresh herb. It has some citrusy note without being acid at all. Their flavor remains subtle but is really long-lasting. I always use some when I do candied tomatoes or bake red pepper. I also use it for clear broths along with pepper, lemongrass, ginger, celery, onions and fish sauce. Pink pepper as a matter of fact are not pepper. They originate from a tree of the same family as pistachio. They grow in tropical islands, latina america but also to be found now in Florida. They are praised in fragrance for their fresh rosy and somehow resinous notes. When cooking  I love to use them along with aneth on fish or vegetables (check the zucchini croquettes , a summer favorite recipe here) . Pink pepper could also bring unexpected bonus to some red fruits…

A pinch of spices… that will transport you. A home-made “Chant d’arômes ”

chant d'aromes

baptised in tribute to Guerlain.This vintage beautiful fragrance celebrates honeysuckle, gardenia, ylang yland and jasmine.. Unfortunately this original fragrance has disappeared. It now comes in the bee bottle and has been reformulated..