Spring lasagna #RucolaFlowers

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This week while cooking it looked more like arranging a flower bouquet. The recipe I share with you stands somewhere between lasagna and spring roll. It reunites fresh and spring ingredients ; peas, asparagus and beautiful rucola flowers that I discovered at the market. They look a bit like Thai orchids


They have a peppery taste and will ornament a fresh salad perfectly. Note that the buds can also be eaten. I will marinate them in vinegar, chili, garlic and cilantro to prepare some pickles. The biggest ones are quite fibrous so you may have to slice them. But they concentrate the rocket flavors and will totally boost any dish .

Yesterday night I cooked some quick pasta. I didn’t have ravioli pasta (the sheets that I would normally buy in Asian stores)  but I had lasagna sheets in the cupboards.

I boiled everything! Make it easy.. 🙂 although I paid attention, there was a line: lasagna sheets first and to keep al dente, then peas, asparagus .

canelloni3.png.jpgFor 2

– 2 lasagna sheets, 300g green peas, 2 green asparagus, 10 mint leaves, 1/2 lemon (juice and zest ),  salt, pepper, 2 soup spoons of grated parmegiano, 150g of ricotta, 1 soup spoon of olive oil (optional) 

1. Cook pasta sheets and vegetables in boiling water. To keep your vegetables green, don’t cover the pan

2. Mix the peas with mint, ricotta, lemon juice and zest. Add salt and pepper. I also sprinkled parmigiano and poured some olive oil. These are not mandatory but they add a lot of flavor.

3. Garnish each sheet with the pea-ricotta mixture. Add an asparagus in the middle. Roll. Ready! you have a spring fragrant roll to enjoy ! Nice week-end!