Mango lassi, boosted with anti cellulite benefits

[NUTRIgastronomie] Here comes my home-made super healthy version of mango lassi *. It is made of cashew milk, no added sugar, some cardamom and anti-oxydant curcuma, and.. a slimming boost with 50 ml of Delipidrink.

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Mango lassi

Mango lassi

I am in love with cardamom. The first time I tasted it  was in Indian cuisine  where it flavors biryanis, and chai tea amongst other. Today I use it with apricot, chocolate.. basically every time you use cinnamon, cardamom can jump in. And of course cardamom combines beautifully with mango to transport me right away in Mysore or Goa.. ok I’m a total dreamer 🙂

As I inspected Indian stores yesterday I bumped into these bright yellow mangoes and bought 2 pieces right away. I planned my breakfast by soaking a handlful of raw cashew nuts  yesterday night.

Did you know that soaking nuts beforehand (between 4-8h) will help them be more easily digested, while facilitating their nutrients assimilation ? Nuts contain  some enzymes that can slow down digestion and diminish the assimilation of nutrients (esp. iron and calcium). Soaking them will activate the germination process and partially neutralize the enzymes. A simple way to handle this would be soaking them in a bowl before going to bed, so that they will be ready for breakfast

This morning I only had to mix everything, and yeah! a star drink with festival of benefits!

Mango Lassi (2-3 big servings) 

– Soak a handful of raw cashew nuts.

– Rinse and mix with 1/2 mango, 2 green cardamom pods ,  1 small head of fresh curcuma (or else a tea spoon of curcuma powder, also called turmeric), 2 capsules of Delipidrink (it is a weekly cure), and 250 ml of water (I like my lassi quite dense but you can totally adjust according to your taste).


PS : To be totally efficient, add some cream (Delipidex /Ella Bache has been conceived to go along), cold water and massage under the shower (also usingHuile Tonic/ Clarins). I found this prop at Natura yesterday. And of course do eat consciously !  (here  the recipe of anti-cellulite roll) .. Enjoy your we!