Fraud cookies with cacao, sesame and black beans

[HAPPY VEGGIE] When I hear “Cookie” I melt. Normal, this was my surname. More precisely I was called “crookie”, French combination of cookie and “croquer” (= munch), and/or maybe also cookie and “crapule” (=mischievous). And well this is very much like the recipe I am going to share with you today. Because what about a cookie without egg, butter nor milk and gluten-free? some will say this is a fraud, I will answer it is super delicious and super healthy!


 Cookie with cacao, black sesame and… black beans… I guess some of you are frowning. Wait, test it ! First if you like the chocolate-peanuts combination, chances are you will like this fusion version with black sesame paste and raw cacao. This cookie is chewy inside but crunchy on the borders (thanks to the rice flour). And the magical ingredient is.. black bean! In Asia and especially China beans are regularly eaten in sweet soups and desserts. There is a special porridge made of black sesame, black bean and honey to prevent white hair. Black beans are praised for their high content in proteins, fibers and anti-oxydants (anthocyanins).

I also used cocoa powder along with raw chocolat chips, with high content of flavonoids (another powerful anti oxydant). They are most energetic. I attended a workshop dedicated to raw cocoa lately. After 2 small dishes I was bouncing around and could not believe it! These are real superfoods ! 🙂


I suggest you soak the black beans overnight the day before and prepare the black sesame cream ahead of time as well. You can store it in the fridge for a full week. Should you lack time you can always use tahini (in exotic or organic store) to which you will add sugar or agave syrup. Likewise you can used canned cooked black beans, or else cook a large quantity and freeze them .

Ingredients (for 8 cookies)


– 1 cup of black beans

– 2 ts of black sesame paste ( or tahini with sugar)

– 2 ss of cocoa powder + 2 ss of raw cocoa chips  (you may soak them in hot water for 15 minuts to mix them more easily)

– 3 ss of palm sugar (or agave syrup/honey). Palm sugar has a  nice caramelized flavour reminding of muscovado sugar.

– 2 ss of coconut oil (it is a “good”fat option . Although saturated it contains middle chain triglycerids -MCT- easier to assimilate than LCT (long chain triglycerids like the ones found in animals fats) . This oil is particularly adapted to athletes who need to engage massive energy quickly. It is also given to patients in hospitals, who suffer from digestion disorders. This oil is indeed very easily digested as it does not require bile or pancreatics fluids to be processed. Now of course all claims relative to weight loss are of course totally ridiculous and false..).  

– 4 soup spoons of rice flour

– 1 ts of vanilla extract

1. Black beans: Soak them overnight (8-12 hours ahead) in 3 times their volume of cold water. It will help digestion and quicken the cooking. Rinse them and cook them for one hour until tender.

2. Sesame paste: Toast the black sesame seeds in a pan. Trick: add some clear seeds so you can easily monitor the toasting. Let them cool and mix. Then add the agave syrup or honey. You can add one or two soup spoons of water. Texture should be dense but onctuous. Sesame is a symbol of longevity. They are highly praised in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are rich in Vitamin E, phosphore, calcium, magnesium, folate, iron and vitamin B …

3. Mix the black beans with rice flour, sesame paste, sugar (or honey/agave syrup), vanilla extract, raw cocoa chips . Add some of the soaking water if necessary (like 3 soup spoons). The texture should be dense but gooey.

4 Preheat the oven at 6. On a sulfurized paper shape the cookies (I formed 8 of them, average size).

5 Bake for  25 minuts. The smell is totally enticing. Besides when tasting them it is quite impossible to spot the black beans. The only (good) point is that they are really nutritious, hence it was impossible to have a …3rd one although I craved to.. So are you tempted to have black beans in their sweet version?

Enjoy your lovely week-end!


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