The 8 treasures truffles. Happiness and prosperity in 15′

[Happy Veggie] It’s always a good time for truffle! Meet my East-West version where cacao gets to know the 8 treasures…

babao truffle2

Based on Bā Bǎo Fàn (八宝饭) which is the 8 treasures Rice served during Chinese New Year. The 8 ingredients refer to ingredients originally picked for their flavors but also symbolic evocation of wealth and prosperity. As there should be no season to wish you well, here comes the Ba Bao truffles with cacao, red dates, almonds, pistacchio, carob, vanilla , coconut and cardamom. You could as well flavor them with orange peel, coffe, tonka, mint .. all these combinations come now to my mind and will surely appear sooner  or later on my table.  .

As usually this is a healthy-oriented version of dessert. Vegan desserts indeed often come with gluten-free and raw “benefits”. Using a combination of medjool dates and nuts enable to replace egg-flour-butter and milk. Here I used red dates* instead coated with honey. Hence I did not add any sugar. Butter is replaced by almonds and a little bit of coconut oil.

Ba Bao Truffles. For 12 truffles. 15′. Easy

babao truffle1

– 100g  of almonds   (or other nut), 15 red dates coated in honey already pitted and briefly soaked in warm water, 50g of grated coconut, 2 ss of coconut oil, 5 ts of cacao powder, 2 ss of water, 1 ts of vanilla extract, 1 ts of carob powder (optional), 2 pods of cardamom (optional). Cacao, pistachio powder and grated coconut to coat the truffles

1. Mix all ingredients. You should have a rather compact texture, still easy to shape. Add some water  if necessary

2. Cool the bowl for 15′ .

3. Shape the truffle (each with the size of a teaspoon of component). Roll them in the cacao power, the grated coconut or pistacchio powder. Enjoy!

* Nutrigastronomie : Red dates also called jujubes can be bought in exotic stores. They are sweet but milder than medjool dates. They have been praised in traditional Chinese Medicine for their soothing properties. They help to manage stress, PMS, nervosity and are said to “nourish” blood and Qi. 

So , always a good timing for truffles. And when you crave some chocolate and sugar these can be prepared in no time, no bake! Taste fabulous and pick you up 🙂

What about you? what is your “emergency sugar crave” recipe?

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