Glass noddles with artichokes and whelks in ginger lime sauce

[LOVE TIP] If you like linguine a la vongole, chances are you will love this twisted fusion version. Maybe you will think the link is remote but the idea was to have some vermicelli with iodized flavour and a sprinkle of fresh herbs.


I found some ravishing small artichokes on the market stalls yesterday. Also bought some whelks that we love to have in Vietnamese cuisine. Had some ginger.. and everything kind of combined perfectly and spontaneously. I used some glass noddles , the Korean version : japchae made of potatoes starch and gluten-free. Their consistency is totally addictive and they absorb the flavours of the broth in which they cook. So pleasurable!

Glass noddles with artichokes and whelks. Ginger and lime emulsion. For 2

2 artichokes, glass noddles, whelks, cilantro, ginger, lime, fish sauce, pepper and cilantro seeds, thyme and laurel, white wine (optional), olive oil

mien 0541.  Artichokes : Prepare the artichokes and let them simmer in water with lemon, white wine (optional), coriander and black pepper, some laurel, thyme, olive oil. Infuse for 15′ and keep the cooking liquid



mien 0522. Whelks : I bought them already cooked, so not much to do. Remove them from shell and rinse them




mien 0503. Ginger emulsion : Mix a pinch of ginger with 2 ss of oil, 2 ss of water. Add 1 ss of fish sauce,1/2 lime juice and some brown sugar (1 soup spoon)



mien 0534. Glass noddles : cook the glass noddles in the broth for 5 minutes

Assemble the noddles, the whelks, the artichokes. Season with the lime-ginger emulsion. Sprinkle some cilantro and serve with fresh lime


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