Top 10 ingredients and recipes to lift up mood #superfood #goodmood

[LOVE TIP] Down, tired? stressed or depressed?

kitten teaHere is the best-of of ingredients and recipes to lift you up!

1. Omega 3  : in fat fish (salmon, sardine, tuna, mackerel, cod liver oil..) and some vegetables (purslane, flax seeds, chia seeds..)

2. Cacao, and especially raw cocoa : 7 times more polyphenols in raw cacao than classical cacao. Cacao stimulates the secretion of endorphin, an hormon directly related to good mood and pleasure. It is a natural analgesic.

3. Red dates, also called jujubes. They are natural sedatives, used for ages in traditional Chinese medicine to soothe and promote good sleep. They are sold candied in honey, delicious to eat as is or to infuse.  

4. Orange blossom water : natural soothing ingredient. To be drunk in “white coffee ” simply poured in hot water or with hot milk -that also contains natural calming nutrients. . And of course it can flavor lots of cakes..

5. Chrysanthemum flower  : cousin of linden flower, it is consumed in herbal tea. With honey this drink will drive you .. zen for the day. 1 billion Chinese have been drinking liters of it for ages

10 RECIPES TO LIFT UP MOOD. Click on each to access the recipe 

Chocolate shoot ! 8 treasures truffles (cacao and red dates), chocolate spread, chocolate cream (spicy vegan version)

Exhilirating breakfast : chia seeds with coconut milk, granola with flax seeds, orange and cacao smoothie

Quick and easy lunch : sandwich with fish rillettes, salmon tartar with borage, carpaccio of watermelon and flax seeds

For the evening : smoothie 1001 nights pistachio and blossom orange flower, cupcake chocolate avocado matcha.

And for the end Black on black, blackberries and chocolate, in darkness there is always hope!

Fondant chocolat, mures et cacao

Fondant chocolat, mures et cacao


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*Baiser parfumé traditionnel du Vietnam, là où l’amour se hume à fleur de peau…