Mint-peas-coconut milk. Keep it simple?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] For those who get hungry but don’t always know what to cook, always keep a coconut milk can in store. Throw one or 2 ingredients and it does marvels : coconut milk and mango, coconut milk, mango and sticky rice.. sounds good, no?

But.. I have a strong tendancy to always add some more ingredients. When going for sticky rice and mango, I am likely to add a pinch of salt here, some toasted sesame seeds there, and  if I am in shape even some drops of pandan essence.

I am litteraly spreading love and attention with these herbs and spices and just can’t help it. A dish is not finished if it is not garnished with one herb, or even two. Total vice. Neurotic disorder.

For once inspired by the mint-peas coconut soup by Green Kitchen Stories I figured I would cook with only 3 ingrédients! Total challenge. As if you asked me to sum up 24h in 3 minutes. Or make it short with my best friend. Recognition test amongst auditors : left debit, right credit, last line : result before and after tax, tax rate 15%.

Straight to the point, simple and efficient. Personal development plan, totally (and horribly) correlated to the 30-slides presentation to stream down to 10 slides… To make it short : today a recipe with no more than 3 ingredients.


Peas, check. Mint, check. Coconut milk, check.

Omg.. there is a fennel in the fridge, already rinsed and sliced. Fennel and mint are very good friends. Fennel will bring some fibers because peas and coconut are very much like potato and cream, disguised in green to make you believe they’re light… Not much hesitation : 4 ingredients are totally manageable, no? Fennel, check. For the good cause.

Then .. it went astray. I cracked, I threw in some badiane, added nuoc mam (fish sauce) , washed some thai basil. Well, looks like I didn’t pass the auditor exam today…

Recipe (for 2, 10′ chrono)

3 ingredients : coconut milk+mint+peas  (didn’t count garlic and shallot)

Gently cook garlic and shallot in a ss of olive oil, add the peas (2 handfuls)+ half a bunch of mint+ 50 cl coconut milk (small can), add some water. Let it simmer for 5′, mix it. Ready!

4 ingredients : coconut milk+mint+peas+nuoc mam (fish sauce)

5 ingredients : coconut milk+mint+peas+nuoc mam (fish sauce)+ half a fennel  : for those who like the mint-aniseed combination.

6 ingredients : coconut milk+mint+peas+nuoc mam (fish sauce)+ half a fennel +badiane : for those who like anis

7 ingredients : coconut milk+mint+peas+nuoc mam (fish sauce)+ half a fennel +badiane+ thai basil. It was worth it 🙂  

What about you, how many ingredients in average do you use? Do you find it easy to keep it simple?

Tomorrow, I will try the breakfast with 2 ingredients… In the meantime, almost there my presentation went down to 10 slides. Not counting appendice of course (like garlic and shallot..)

Enjoy your day!

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