A mojito that wishes you well #superfood #acai #chia

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I will not comment on the Brasilian episode. Besides I am far from being competent for that : Neymar not there, 7-1, beer and cringe. This is about all I know about the match. And also that from 14th July on I will welcome back my masculine friends who have disappeared almost one day out of two lately…

My welcome back drink will be… mojito! That is, a mojito that wishes you well. I served it this week and I was asked if I had included the essential. Well, all depends on what you call essential.. 🙂

Le mojito qui vous veut du bien

I confess that I did a pretty much good score at  Garance Doré test http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2014/07/08/are-you-healthy-obsessed/ So my mojito is virgin. For those ready to fly away, you can totally add some alcohol. Am sure it will be delicious as well .

Recipe for 1 litre de mojito Easy. 30′

Ingredients :  2 lime, 150g of rapsberries (fresh or frozen), 3 stems of mint , 1-2 ts of agave syrup (or brown sugar), 1 ts acai*, 8 ts of chia**seeds

1. Mix the rapsberries, mint, acai, lime juice. Add agave syrup

2. Add the chia seeds. Mix well and set aside in the fridge for 15-30′

3. Enjoy!

So, will you opt for virgin or alcoholic mojito?

acai: berry from tropical jungle rich in antioxydants and Vitamin C . If not available, drop it or susbtitute with some more berries

** chia seeds : rich in oméga 3 et 6, originated from Peru and Mexique. good for skin and mood. 

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