Too hot? need some fresh air? Tomatoccino on ice! #ParisianNeighboursAreMyFriends

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Summer. So hot in here. Tomato mozarella, Burrata-tomatoes come back and forth on my table.


Today evening my neighbour plays the piano, all windows open, pushing pedals calling for effects… I confirm that music does not soothe you. Because after 15 minuts of cacophonic Satie, I do need some fresh air.. It is already hot, but now I start to boil…

Tomatoccino my friends. I put a violin CD, sound level 25 hoping to gain back some of my vital space. I feel like a hostage in my own appartment as my other neighbour now starts to play with his hammer.. OMG when will they leave for vacation?

Waiting for the thunderstorm to start, I prepare the tomatoccino : tomato water on ice, topped with whipped cream aromatized with thai basil. Note that you will need 100% fat liquid cream (“fleurette” as we call it in France). Otherwise you will get some airy foam which is as delicious but will not stand for long

1. Peel the tomato. Mix and filter to keep only the water (you can use the pulp later). Set aside

2. Mix the thai basil leaves with very little water. Again, filter and set aside

3. Whip up the cream, add the herb juice at mid course

4.  To serve : pour the tomato water on ice cubes, spoon the whipped cream and enjoy immediately! Fresher isn’t it? I forgot my neighbour for 5′ which was already a treat…

Enjoy your we!

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