A home-style Vietnamese summer lunch

[LOVE TIP] It’s Saturday, I have some more time to cook and go ahead for a Vietnamese lunch. Morning glory and bitter melon are on the menu. They are perfect for good skin (everything on bitter melon here)  and adapted to reduce internal heat (as defined per Traditional Chinese Medicine)concmuon2On the menu :

Bitter melon with tomatoes

Morning glory salad

Thai and sticky rice, mungo beans

Omelette with chives 

1 Bitter melon with tomatoes

1 small bitter melon, tomatoes, shallot, green pepper, celery, fish sauce, pepper 

TIP : If you don’t have bitter melon substitute with zucchini and or cucumber 


Golden the shallots, add the sliced tomatoes, green pepper and celery. Add the bitter melon (retrieve the heart before). Cook for 10 minutes (put a lid and add some water ). Season with fish sauce and pepper.

2. Riz thai, gluant et haricots mungo

I really like this combination. For celebrations we often prepare some sticky rice with mungo beans, flavored with coconut milk. For everyday I often combine thai rice, sticky rice and mungo beans and cook in the rice cooker (proportions : 1-1- 1/4) 


3. Morning glory salad

Morning glory, white vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, chili 

TIP: If you don’t have morning glory, use cress or celery

Some work here as normally you should spread the morning glory with a special tool “dung cu chè rau muong”. Or you can simply slice the  stems in half and put them in iced water to “curl” them. This can be prepared ahead of time and kept up to a week in the fridge. Season with white vinegar (2 ss), fish sauce (1 ts) and a ss of sugar.

4. Vietnamese omelette with chives

2 eggs, chives, fish sauce, 1/2 ts of sesame oil, lemon (optional), rice flour (optional). To serve;chili, fresh herbs, cucumber 

Beat 2 eggs, add a ts of fish sauce, 2 ss of water, 1/2 ts of sesame oil, 1 ts of rice flour and some drops of lemon juice. Lemon and rice flour are optional. The lemon will give a very mellow texture (you won’t taste the acidity once cooked) and rice flour give some crisp especially on the borders. Gently cook the chives in some oil, heat up and add the eggs. To serve, garnish with the fresh herbs (here I used shiso, rau ram and cilantro), chili pickled in vinegar and cucumber slices. Eat piping hot

This is not difficult although a bit time consuming. Writing the recipes took me longer than cooking !

Enjoy your week end !

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