Iced cheesecake fragranced with midsummer’s night dream : figs, mulberries, avocado and lime

[LOVE TIP] Midsummer’s night dream : fig leaves, wild mulberries, rose petals fill the air with their fragrance.. What if I could capture them in an iced cheesecake?


figue mure1

I go and pick bravely all the ripe mulberries. In the midst of bees, spiders and nettles I would say this bowl of fruits is a real treasure !

figue avocat

In the summer I also always enjoy the mesmerizing smell of the fig leaves. They remind me of vegetal and greeen coconut. I pick some leaves and prepare a fig leave oil. Beware all flavoured oils should be refrigerated and consumed within a week to avoid botulism. This infection is severe and risks are increased if 1) there is no oxygen ( here oil prevents the air contact) 2) no acidity 3) humidity (leaves or aromatic herbs contain more water than spices) 4) oil kept at ambiant temperature will facilitate profileration of spores responsible for the infection..

figue mure4


I am now ready to proceed and prepare an iced cheesecake with avocado and lime on an almond and dates crust. Raw cheesecake perfect for the summer, no baking

figue mure3

Recipe of iced cheesecake fig leaves-avocado- lime and mulberries. For 8.

40’+3h of freezing

Ingredients for the cream: 2 avocados, 2 lime, 100g ofricotta cheese, 2 white eggs whipped up, 2 g of agar agar diluted in 25 cl of hot water, 2 ss of sugar or agave syrup 

Ingredients for the crust : 30 almonds,  10 dattes (retrieve the stone!) , 1 grated apple, 1 ss of fig oil or coconut oil, 1 pinch of salt

1. Mix the almonds with the dattes, grated apple, 1 ss of coconut or fig oil, 1 pinch of salt. Display on the mold and set aside in the fridge.

2. Mix the avocados with the lime juice, the ricotta cheese, the sugar or agave syrup. Add the white eggs (whipped up) and the agar agar.

3 Spread on the crust. Put the mulberries. Freeze for 3 hours

You can totally skip the eggs and agar agar. Then you could add 2 avocados and have something very creamy. I favored something more airy and light like a mousse.

What about you? what if you wanted to capture the essence of your holidays in a cheesecake, what would you choose?

Enjoy your we!

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