Grilled eggplants with lemongrass and other Vietnamese delicacies

[LOVE TIP/ WEB BANQUET] Some swear only by the 7-jour lamb. I would rather go for the 7-hour lunch. Count 3 hours to prepare and 4 hours to share.. hello Summer!

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Grilled eggplants with lemongrass

A traditional Vietnamese meal with a dish slowly simmered, a clear soup, raw veggies, cooked veggies, tons of fresh herbs and of course white steamed rice! 

And to close the meal: double dessert with a fresh sweet soup (“chè”) in which loads of things float .. and something more creamy with coconut! 

Wild salmon in caramel and lime  

Sweet and sour soup with black tomatoes and calamari 

Yellow tomatoes salad with green olive oil and thai basil  

Grilled eggplants with lemongrass and spicy cashew nuts 

White steamed rice with fig leaves (slightly obsessed with fig leaves I must say)

Peaches soup, spearmint, rapsberries, basil and chia seeds 

Coconut-fig-matcha and white chocolate cream (yes, here again I slipped some fig leaves…)


Back from the market with an array of eggplants and aromatic herbs; mint, thai basil, spearmint and cilantro. I love how eggplants can be versatile. When cooked it becomes mellow and meaty. I also sometimes pickle the small white ones in salty water. But I mostly steam and bake them so avoid to add extra oil (check my recipe of eggplant with miso and 5 spices here)

Grilled eggplants with lemongrass 

For 4 : 2 eggplants, coriander, mint, 1 lemongrass stem, 1 garlic clove, 1 ss of sugar, 1 ss of oil (optional), 1 ss of vinegar de sucre, a handful of cashew nuts

1. Grill the eggplants in the oven (40 at 7-8). The grilled skin gives an enticing smell to the pulp.

2. Wash and cut the herbs

3. Prepare the sauce mixing lemongrass, garlic, sugar, fish sauce, rice vinegar and oil (which is optional but I like to have a light emulsion) . I also filtered the sauce to remove the lemongrass fibers but you don’t have to. It will be as good with it.

4. Peel the eggplants. Pour the sauce and add the grilled cashew nuts. Here I used raw ones that I caramelised with chili and salt but plain old grilled ones are also perfect to bring some crunchy texture. Enjoy!

Vietnamese cooking, do you like it? do you prepare some?


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