Home-made almond milk and okara apricots cookies

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A lot of people can’t digest lactose (especially Asian). Hence plant-based milks made of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or cashews but also oat, rice and soy are excellent alternatives. But even if you don’t have any intolerance or allergy I totally recommand you to try and pick the one you prefer. They are so tasty and good!  I now regularly prepare home-made almond milk. It comes in more or less creamy versions, depending on the season. To all those who loved the Cleopatra glue smell, this is a dedicated post…

Prepare home-made almond milk is really easy, satisfying, delicious and much cheaper than buying it . You only to need to soak the almonds ahead of time (at night before sleeping is the perfect option, otherwise count preferably at least 2 hours ahead). This is for healthy reasons, the taste will not change. Should you lack time you can of course proceed and in no more than 10′ you will be done!

Then you can drink it as is or flavor it with some vanilla. You can also use it as a basis for smoothie : with banana and matcha tea, with cacao and/or chai spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and some black pepper for those who like it).. Endless options…

For 1 liter of almond milk : 1 generous handful of almonds, 3 times its volume of water. 

Soak the almonds (at least 2 hours). Rince them, mix with  water and filter. Done! You can keep the almond milk from 3 to 5 days in the fridge. Store it rather in a glass bottle. The cashew milk can be prepared in a similar way. I find its taste more neutral. As for soy milk it requires  some cooking (recipe for soy milk here)

Did you know that soaking almonds  (between 4-8h) will help them to be more easily digested, while facilitating their nutrients assimilation ? Nuts contain  some enzymes that can slow down digestion and diminish the assimilation of nutrients (esp. iron and calcium). Soaking them will activate the germination process and partially neutralize the enzymes. 

Once you have filtered the almond milk, keep the grounded pulp (okara)  I used it to bake 6 delicious apricot gooey cookies.


home-made almond milk and okara apricot cookies http://wp.me/p3iY4S-CS

I confess that all measures have been very approximative.. And although pastry generally call for precision I can tell you that some intuition can also perfectly work for these mellow and rustic cookies!:) As you add flour you should be able to feel if the texture is dry and not sticky…

Add an egg, 2 soup spoons of honey, 3 ss of flour. Shape 6 cookies (10 cm of diameter). Slice apricots and press them into the dough. Bake for 20′ at medium temperature until it has a nice golden colour.

Apricots and almonds : an obvious and perfect combination . You may know that some apricots stones are often added to  jam to bring a delicate almond flavour. The stones of prunus fruits (apricots but also cherries and plums) contain indeed a derived component from cyanide.. which smells of bitter almond (we’ve come full circle!).

For all those who enjoy the almond fragrance, think of coumarine (extracted from tonka bean..) and heliotropine (powdery and vanilla…). Go and check the eternal Apres L’Ondée by Guerlain or the more recently launched Satine by Lalique.. And tell me which one you prefer!

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