Banh Beo, the middle path #Trungđạo

[LOVE TIP 45’/WEB BANQUET] Some dishes bring you back to childhood. This one reminds me of these pleasurable and endless meals on Sundays …

Banh Beo trace back to the Hué imperiale cuisine (just like Bánh bột lọc ). They are named after cai bèo, the aquatic fern with rounded leaves.

They are mellow rice pancakes garnished with shrimp “cotton” and mungo beans purée flavoured with coconut. To be served with lots of “aromatic confetti” : scallion oil, deep fried shallots, cilantro petals, sharp red chili bites, and a generous pour of  fish and lime sauce.banhbeo7

These delicacies are well-balanced in salty-sweet-sharp-tangy flavours and are representative of the center of Vietnam cooking. They will  appeal easily to most people. The middle path!

Recipe step by step:


For 12 pieces (2 people).  1h+ 2h of soaking     FUSSY but manageable  LONG but ok if you are organized EXQUISITE, to savour...

Batter : 100g of rice flour, 15g of tapioca flour, 20 cl of warm water, a pinch of salt, 1 ss of oil. 

Garnish: 100g of dried shrimps, 100g of mungo beans, 1 ts of grated coconut, 2 stems of chives, cilantro, 1 fried shallot 

Sauce : 1 ss of fish sauce, 1 ss of lime juice, 2 ss of brown or palm sugar de nuoc mam, 1 red chili, 1/2 garlic clove, 6 ss of water 

1. Pancake batter: Mix rice and tapioca flour with water at least 2 hours ahead of time to ensure the perfect mellow consistency. Oil and salt to be added at the end.

2 . Shrimp cotton : Rehydrate the shrimps and mix them very briefly. You can also use fresh shrimps to marinate, ground and dry in a pan.

3. Scallion oil and fried shallots: Mix neutral oil with minced scallions and a pinch of salt. Cook briefly for one minute. Golden the sliced shallots and absorb the extra oil with paper napkin. Set aside

4. Mungo beans : rince, soak and boil them. Ground coarsely and mix with grated coconut (traditionnaly coconut milk and/or scallion oil)

5. Cooking:  pour the batter in the molds and steam for 4 minutes. You should see a cavity in the middle. Texture should be translucid and supple.

6. Sauce : combine all ingredients, don’t forget to retrieve the seeds of the chili..

7. Finishing : garnish each Banh Beo with a ts of mungo beans purée, the shrimp cotton, fried shallots and scallion oil. Pour the sauce. Enjoy!

Are you ready to try?

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