Fragrance to drink: chrysanthemum petals, white peach and Earl Grey

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Not real summer anymore, not yet autumn.. What could we drink? I opted for a fresh floral iced tea water : petals of chrysanthemum infused with white peach pearls and some Earl Grey to bring some “zing”.. Chrysanthemum are delicately fragranced and recall chamomile. They are very easy to find in China and appreciated for their cooling effect. You will find them in any Asian store. Otherwise, get hold of chamomile and increase the amount..pétales2

This herbal tea is most of the time drunk with honey in Asia. As for me I prefer the natural sweetness of fruits. Melon dew and white peach do marvels with chrysanthemum. Add further some iced Earl Grey and you will get the perfect ressourcing after yoga sunday drink…What do you currently drink? still iced drinks or already switched to warm ones?

pétales1Enjoy your week end!

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