Pavlova with vanilla, tonka and pomegranate

[SNIFF KISS]  I have always loved pavlovas. They weren’t so popular in Paris before so my first memories of pavlovas are linked with Hong Kong and London. I recall having them there with mango and passion fruits…This version comes with swirls of meringue, whipped cream flavored with vanilla and tonka, juicy crimson red pomegranate seeds .. It looks like a very festive dessert but is actually quite simple to prepare…This is my first attempt and I asked myself after why I didn’t give a try before!



Recipe (for 4) 

30′ of préparation + 1h of baking. Meringue can be prepared the day before and stored in a dry box

Meringue: 3 eggs, a pinch of salt, 120g of icing sugar, 1 tbsp of maizena, 1 tbsp of white vinegar or lemon juice.

Cream33 cl of whole liquid cream as cold as possible, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, grated tonka (half almond)

One pomegranate 

1. Whisk up the whites with the pinch of salt. Add sugar little by little, then maizena and vinegar come at the end. These 2 ingredients are not compulsory but they will make your meringue very mellow in the inside. When the whites form shiny stiff peaks, you know it is ready

2. Preheat the oven at 3. I chose to do one single big meringue rather than 3-4 individual ones. Shape a big disk of 15 centimeters. Bake for one hour. As this was the first time, I set my oven too hot (at 4) and as a result the meringue became amber. The oven should only dry the meringue… Open every 20′ will help release humidity. After one hour, cut the heat, open the oven and let the meringue cool inside the oven. Note that even if the meringue was not perfectly white, the texture was perfect : crispy on the surface and a bit chewy inside…

3. Prepare the whipped chream:  As the meringue is already quite sweet, I chose not to add sugar but only vanilla and tonka that will bring their natural goodness..

4 To serve: on the meringue comes the whipped cream and a large handful of pomegranate seeds. Enjoy!

This was perfect to banish Sunday’s night blues!

pavlova vanilla tonka pomegranate

pavlova vanilla tonka pomegranate


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