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[SNIFFKISS] I confess. I love bacon. As a Vietnamese girl I was raised with lots of pork : caramel pork, nems, banh cuon are part of my heritage if not DNA!

Little by little I have started to replace fresh bacon with less fatty meats , then replaced it with combinations of tofu, mushrooms, roots veggies and observed it worked quite well (see my recipe here of veggie banh cuon, so delicious..:)

Today I’m sharing with you 5 aromatic bouquets that are my vegetal bacon and are ideal to cook in automn..



1- Smoked jujubes 

Bacon végétal jujubes fumées


If you like plums roasted with bacon, you will fall for smoked jujubes. You will be instantly transported in the mountains, by a chimney fire. Brilliant for a marinade : with badian, soy sauce, 5 spices and honey. Try it with pumpkin, beyond delicious!





2- Lapsang Souchong Tea 

baconvg6One of my friend used to say “I love this tea, It reminds me of tea infused with bacon.. ” This will do wonders in winte. I infuse it in broths or marinades Try it with pear and turnip cooked like in a tatin. Recipe here





3- Dashi : a delicacy


Dashi is to be bought as a powder (unless you have 24 hours and are willing to prepare it overnight…). Prepared out of kombu and dry bonite, it is highly concentrated in umami. To be used in risotto or broths instead of regular salt. I also like to combine it with sesame seeds and nori. A perfect treat with plain white rice.



4- Liquorice and shitakés , dry and woody flavor 

réglisse et shitakés

réglisse et shitakés

Shitaké is also naturally rich with umami and is frequently in vegan diet to replace meat. Infused with liquorice it will bring out a dekicious deep and long-lasting fragrance. Try the Thai veggie burger Recipe here The 1st time I served it, I was asked for a second service..Be prepared to run back in the kitchen!: )


5- Smoked chili

I found some addictive smoked chili at Olivier Roellinger’s shop, but I guess all smoked paprika will do. With corn on the cob, add scallion oil, salt, smoked chili and cilantro. For breakfast or as a snack, this is easy comforting food!

What about you? what do you add to spice up your food?

Enjoy your week-end!

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