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[SNIFFKISS] If you have been around lately in Paris, you may have noticed that Foire d’Automne has started  and will last until 2nd of November.  L’appartelier – kitchen to rent- has set up a tremendous programme of cooking classes .

ImpressionEveryday comes with a new angle : ” How to impress  friends”, “Trompe l’oeil”,”Wander in the garden”, “Street Food”, “Carte blanche to bloggers”…  For the detailed programme click  here

I will join the team on Saturday November, 1st for the “Carte blanche to bloggers” session. 5 cooking workshops are planned. Detailed programme here

If you like Vietnamese food but don’t know where to start, why don’t you join me at 6 pm : 10 “active” seats (cook and taste) + 40 “spectators” seats (the class will be broadcasted live on a big screen). First arrived, first served ! 🙂

On the menu: Autumnal “Goi” ! It consists in a traditional Vietnamese salad, adapted to feature local and seasonal ingredients. Although adapted, it goes with the typical and traditional flavours. Very easy, healthy, but most importantly delicious recipe !

Pear, radish, carrot goi

Pear, radish, carrot goi

You will call me a purist if you want, but I am very strongly attached to share what accounts for the traditional smell & taste feelings of Vietnamese cuisine. It is a subtle, aromatic, light and delicious cuisine that traditionally calls for a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables, all minutiously prepared and combined. Influences from China, India, France blend together in a very unique way. Combinations of ingredients, flavours, textures tell a lot about Vietnamese history and are also a testimonial of traditional medicine. From North to South, Vietnamese cuisine varies a lot. As for the imperial delicacies from Hue they are by themselves a full chapter.

Vietnamese food is so much more than Pho and Banh Mi… which tend to become more popular in Paris right now. Although I am delighted that people discover and like this food, I am still cringing when Pho is served with mint (like basil with pot of feu??!!). Besides I can’t help sighing when I see Bo Bun with shrimps/chicken.. because Bo Bun litterally means Beef Vermicelli.. ( You just learnt 2 words of Vietnamese!:)) So come and share a glimpse of Vietnamese (food) soul..By the way Minh Tam from la kitchenette de Miss Tam will precede me and teach you how to prepare “Banh Khot”

GIVE AWAY : to participate  1) share this post 2)write in below comments or send me by email at if/why/ what you love in Vietnamese cuisine… v…Drawing lot, good luck!

Enjoy your week!

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