Pancake party! the Vietnamese way : Banh Xeo

[LOVE TIP] You asked for it, here it is, the recipe of Vietnamese pancake : Banh Xeo. Litteraly sizzling cake to echo the sound it makes in the pan. It’s a typical dish Vietnamese people love to eat in small restaurants that will only serve it.

banh xeo

banh xeo

This crispy yellow pancake owes its colour to curcuma. Made of rice flour it is also very aromatic, thanks to chives , coconut milk.. and beer, my little secret..This will bring additional flavour and crisp. You can find flour mixes in exotic stores, very handy because the curcuma powder is provided along.

Normally the challenge consists in doing very thin and crispy pancakes. Don’t cut on the oil! It is served with tons of salads, aromatic herbs and cucumber that should balance all the richness

The best would be to eat them piping hot from the pan. But if you are a bunch of people, you can prepare them ahead of time and keep them in the oven at low temperature. Just before serving heat the temperature up. They won’t be as crispy, but still very tasty…

The filling comes with fresh bacon, shrimps, bean sprouts and mungo beans. It can also be prepared in advance, unless you prefer to cook everything at the same time. In this case, first sizzle the meat and other ingredients. Then coat a thin layer of batter around. You can easily go vegan with tofu and mushrooms. I also twisted the recipe this summer with grated zucchini served with a huge bunch of mint..


Ingredients. For 8 personnes (16 pancakes). 3h of which 1h30 to do the pancakes (I know it’s long…)

Pancake : 2 bags of mixed flour, 300 ml of coconut milk, 300 ml of water/beer, chives, neutral oil. You will need an anti adhesive pan.

Filling :  garlic, onions, bean sprouts, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper + fresh bacon, shrimps, mushrooms…

To serve : salad, cucumber, aromatic herbs : mint, cilantro, thai basil, shiso (tia to in Vietnamese), chili and pickles (do chua)

To serve (bis) : “prepared” fish sauce (nuoc mam) with lime, garlic, chili , water. Count a 1 to 6-8 ratio between pure nuoc mam and water, the juice of 1 lime, 1 pressed garlic, 2 red chili and about 4-6 ss of sugar. Taste and adjust …

1- Prepare the batter :   Mix the flour, curcuma, coconut milk, water, beer and chives. Let it rest in a cool place for one hour.

2- Filling : Thinly cut the onion and press the garlic. Clean the shrimps (remove the black stomach), thinly slice the meat. Wash the bean sprouts. In a pan gently golden the garlic and onions, add the meat, and then only the shrimps. Last at the very end add the bean sprouts. Cut the heat right away. Set aside. If you use mungo beans, rinse them, quickly boil them, drain and coarsely mix into puree. Enrich with coconut milk and season to your taste.

3- Pancake : Oil the pan, pour a thin layer of batter, let it golden. Flip it and add some more oil so that the edges curls and crisps. Add the filling on one side, close down the pancake. Ready! (at last!)


4- To serve : Roll a piece of pancake in a salad leave, garnish with herbs. Dip in the sauce and enjoy with pickles !

At this stage I am afraid you are tempted to run to the restaurant rather than generate a huge (but nice…) mess in your kitchen.. I do totally sympathize.. But home-made cooking is always so much better! Hope you will try it !: )


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