Fragrance to drink : hibiscus, rapsberries and pink pralines

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Je vous ai apporté des bonbons.. les bonbons c’est tellement bon… Do you know this song from Jacques Brel?


I had lunch with some friends last week and was wondering what I could bring ..

As they love herbal teas, I thought that my “fragrance to drink” stories could please them. So here is what came out of it… A somptuous red herbal tea..

I brought back from China dried hibiscus flowers. When infused they release beautiful red swirls, but they may be a bit sour as is. So I thought that combined with pink pralines and the last rapsberries, it would be perfect..




Imaginary flower to drink: Can you imagine a flower with purple petals and a fruity heart made of rapsberry? the delicious pink pralines come and wrap all this.. Drop the pralines generously in the hot tea and let them melt..



Fragrance to drink :  for 0,5 liter

10 dried hibiscus flowers, 5-7 pink pralines , 10 rapsberries

hibiscus4.jpgPour the hot water on the hibiscus. Let infuse, adding the pralines. When the herbal tea has cooled a little bit, add the rapsberries (not before because it would cook them and damage the flavour). Wait at least 10 minutes. Enjoy !

To be served at room temperature or fresh. I warn you, it’s like drinking candies, totally addictive… And for the fun this is the famous song “I brought you candies” by Jacques Brel.


Tip NUTRIgastronomie

Hibiscus flowers are anti oxydant thanks to anthocyanins. They help diminish hypertension and cholesterol. They have a slight diuretic effect and also help relieve PMS syndroms. 

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