Vegan “pizza” and pecan pesto

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I If you find it difficult to have your greens, I have a recipe for you. No greens but 100% vegan… What do you think of my “pizza”? Perfect to stay fit, especially when some special dinner is coming..



Quick and dirty. 15′

Slice thinly a red meat radish (of course you can use daikon, but I find these coloured so beautiful.. Plus the more colourful, the more anti-oxidants you get..), one carrot, one chili (here I used both yellow ones). I added some artichokes and candied tomatoes brought back from Italian groceries..

And the special touch :  pecan pesto!

Ingredients : a handful of pecan nuts, 3 ss of miso paste, 2 ss of mirin (otherwise use 1 ss of white wine diluted in water), 1 ss of walnut oil or olive oil , some cilantro (optional) : Mix everything together, keep it a bit chunky. Done!

This pesto is very tasty, very healthy (loaded with Omega), plus the miso paste boosts natural immunity. You can keep it up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Use it as a spread on grilled bread, on pasta,  on roasted/ raw veggies (yum!)

To serve : dress the radish slices, add carrots and chili, artichokes. Place a ts of pesto in the heart of each artichoke, add some candied tomatoes. You are ready to go. Very light, yet very tasty and fulfilling!

Have a good we everyone!