Stuffed shitakes with tofu, walnut and leek

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I just discovered a new dish in a small trendy Japanese restaurant (Ito located in the South Pigalle area) : stuffed shitakes with walnuts, tofu and leeks. It was so delicious that I decided right away I had to replicate them at home. I must say that I’m pretty happy with the result.

It’s a vegan dish but I’m sure that even meat lovers will enjoy this. The nuts bring enough chunky and tasty to be totally satisfying..


For 2. Easy. 30′: 10 shitakes, 1 portion of tender tofu, 1 handful of walnuts, 1 leek (the white part), 2 ts of soy sauce, 1 ss of mirin, pepper.

1- Drain the tofu and mix it with the walnuts. Keep it chunky.Add the seasoning (soy and mirin). Add a pinch of pepper.

2. Rince and bleach quickly the leek. Slice it thinly and add it to the stuffing

3. Rinse and remove the stalks from the mushrooms. Place a spoon of stuffing in each mushroom. Preheat the oven at average temperature. Bake for 20 minuts. In traditional recipes, the mushrooms are fried in a pan then simmered in a sauce.. To be honest, even if the glazing then looks very appetizing, I find it quicker and easier to bake them in the oven. And they were as delicious! If you’re afraid they may be dry cover with some foil after 10 minuts.

Ready! Enjoy!

I served them with a salad made of raw beetroot, parsley, grapefruit, flaxseeds and walnut oil. It was very good and comforting food…

PS You can also use pecan nuts for the stuffing..

Enjoy your week-end!

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