Seeds of happiness : lotus

[Happy Veggie] A sweet delicacy to end the year : try these lotus seeds.

che lotusLotus seeds taste like chestnuts, except for the fact that they exhale a delicate flowery scent. As a child I used to gulp bags of them. One of my favourite sweets! Now I use them in traditional savoury dishes (especially used to stuff duck along with shitakes) or in sweets, just like this one. You can also blend them into a puree, very delicious!

You can find them in cans to use as is . Otherwise you can buy them dry, rehydrate them overnight and boil them.

A common dessert in Vietnam combines these lotus seeds with dried longans (similar to litchis but smaller, sweeter) and white fungus (very good for your skin, said to contain a lot of vegetal collagene). I added some mandarin marmelade and jasmin tea. Everyhing blended perfectly into delicate and floral aromas.

This snack will promote good sleep (thanks to longans and lotus seeds) while embellishing naturally your skin. Isn’t it a must for these festive times?

– Rinse the lotus seeds. Should you use the dry version, don’t forget to retrieve the black stem inside; It is sometimes a bit bitter.

– Rinse and rehydrate the longans and white fungus for 30 minutes

– Combine all ingredients in a light jasmine tea, add some mandarine marmelade or candied kumquats. Enjoy!

These sweet soups are more appealing to those who are familiar of Asia.. But once you develop a taste for them, they cannot be replaced by anything else. In Vietnamese restaurants they are now even served as drinks; while in Vietnam they would be enjoyed all day long to refresh oneself.. Give it a try!