Cuon Bo Bia #Vietnam #ThanksMum

[SNIFFKISS] Food tells a lot about our personal journey and of course is so much than food. It tells about what our parents want to transmit, about love and care, about celebrating life all together. If I am so much into cooking it is certainly because I was so exposed to it in my family and that I totally associate it with comforting and happy moments…

Cuon Bo Bia
So if I tell you I spent nearly 4 hours around the table with aunts, uncles and cousins (“say hello, it’s your cousin” kind of talk!! – yeah, we’re a laaarge family..) 4 hours thrown back in childhood with untranslatable puns which make us giggle and laugh loudly. Sorry for the step relatives [who don’t speak Vietnamese]..

On the food side I must say that my mother still surprises me. She put on the table some recipes that I hadn’t tasted yet (which is a kind of performance in consideration to the time I spend travelling, eating and exploring new foods!..). This time we had typical dishes from South Vietnam (she used to discard some of these typical dishes because my father is from North Vietnam and of course, they don’t like the same things…) and did by herself from the very scratch the lap xuong (Chinese sausages), including the liquor to flavor them!  You may have tasted these typical sausages before, they are the ones used in Cantonese fried rice, but are also very popular in Thailand.

So because there are not only one kind of rolls (like spring rolls…), I invite you to discover the “Cuon Bo Bia” (a recipe with Chinese origins) that should be eaten right away with ingredients still hot if possible.

An easy, balanced and delicious dish ideal when you gather numerous guests. You will find below the ingredients. The hands rolling the cuon bo bia belong to aunt N°10, or I believe so because I never call them by her number so I’m not quite sure (In Vietnam we number our aunts and uncles to keep track of them.. and I have to check how you do with twins.. Is it a single number for 2 or 2 consecutive orders according to order of appearance..?)

To share some of these typical Vietnamese gatherings, why don’t you do some cuon bo bia?

– Omelette thinly sliced in fine straps
– Lap xuong (chinese sausages you can find in exotic stores)
– Grated carrots and daikon (or turnip) briefly cooked with shrimps
– Dried shrimps (optional)
– Salad, mint, cilantro, thai basil
– Peanuts
– Rice paper (to be moistered one by one briefly in warm water)
– Hoisin sauce to be cooked with hot water, some flour, vinegar/lime and chili . To make it simpler I sometimes skip the flour step and simply dilute the sauce with all other ingredients

This list looks a bit overwhelming, but once you have put everything on the table, you won’t have anything to do…

Enjoy! What about you? what are the dishes you like to prepare for large gatherings?